Wedding Hymn Lyrics
Hymn No.68

First Line: God of all living,

God of all living,
Father, we praise you,
Full of thanksgiving,
For so much love;

Now in this wedding,
Come down among us,
Pour out your blessing,
Heavenly Dove.

Perfect companion,
God’s gift in marriage,
One true communion,
Help on life’s way;
May we be mindful,
In need and plenty,
May we be faithful
Every new day.

With love’s true splendour,
Father, delight us,
Each giving honour,
With faithfulness;
And may the sharing
Of this sweet union
Deepen our caring,
With tenderness.

May there be children,
Fruit of our loving,
True men and women,
With faith beside;
Grant us your keeping
In all our future,
Your love caressing
Bridegroom and bride.