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Hymnary Apps Team is dedicated to the establishment and promotion of music (through hymnary apps) and christian mobile apps that will motivate all people and nations of the earth to turn their hearts to God. Worship brings down God. Enjoy worshipping our Almighty God with hymns and songs of praise!

Motivation, Aim and Purpose
We believe there is more to music than music and we affirm music is spiritual by nature. We desire that more people develop love for the hymns and acknowledge the great impact they can have in their lives and let them rejoice in the content and beauty of the hymns. We believe active participation in congregational hymn singing is an essential part of personal worship. We believe time spent in the home learning and singing the hymns will reap eternal blessings for the family. We testify of the extraordinary joy that comes when the hymns are sung with heart-felt praises unto the Lord.

A Request
We are looking forward to working with people who can provide us with the melody (midi files, tunes) of each lyric so that we can incorporate them in the apps (especially Sacred Songs and Solos App) to make it easy for people to learn almost every hymn in the app easily. We look forward to hearing from you.
The usage (and the cost accordingly) of the Hymnary Apps Web site is growing, and the Hymnary Apps Team has struggled with how to deal with this growth and associated costs. Hymnary Apps, a non-profit organization, is supported through advertising which just reduces a little portion of the running cost of the hymnaryapps.com and the Hymnary Apps available for the mobile devices. However, if you are glad with the work Hymnary Apps Team do offer for free and you want to support us, you can send us an email at contact@hymnaryapps.com
In addition, if you desire that a particular hymn app be developed for your church, institution or organization, feel free to contact us and we will discuss about it.
To reach us, send us an email at: contact@hymnaryapps.com and we will get back to you soon!

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