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While we would prefer not to use advertising, the circumstances surrounding Hymnary Apps existence and continued operation currently require the funding generated through the placement of ads on the Hymnary Apps Web site.
The usage (and the cost accordingly) of the Hymnary Apps Web site is growing, and the Hymnary Apps Team has struggled with how to deal with this growth and associated costs. Hymnary Apps, a non-profit organization, is supported through advertising which just reduces a little portion of the running cost of the and the Hymnary Apps available for the mobile devices. However, if you are glad with the work Hymnary Apps Team do offer for free and you want to support us, you can send us an email at
Hymnary Apps uses the following guidelines concerning advertisements:
We do not endorse any of our advertisers. We do not endorse their products or their services — not jewelry, not books, not software, not anything.
While we do not intentionally include fraudulent or misleading ads on our site, the use of ad brokers sometimes makes it difficult to identify scams and dishonest advertising. We immediately eliminate any advertising that we determine to be dishonest.
Our advertisers do not have any influence on the content of Hymnary Apps. Hymnary Apps is ecumenical and therefore our users are from all mainstream branches of Christianity. Some of our users and ad brokers place ads which reflect their personal perspective. We do not endorse any specific denomination nor do we endorse any user's personal opinion. Hymnary Apps is intended to serve the whole church, not a particular viewpoint or tradition.
To advertise with us, send us an email at: and we will get back to you soon!