Thanksgiving Hymn Lyrics
Hymn No.18

First Line: Give thanks unto the Lord, Jehovah,

Give thanks unto the Lord, Jehovah,
For He is good, O praise His Name!
Let Israel say: The Lord be praisèd,
His mercy ever is the same.
Let Aaron’s house now praise Jehovah;
The Lord is good, O praise His Name:
Let all that fear the Lord extol Him,
His mercy ever is the same.

In a large place the Lord hath set me;
In my distress He heard my cry.
I will not fear, the Lord is with me;
What can man do, when God is nigh?
The Lord is chief among my helpers;
And I shall see my foes o’erthrown:
Far better than in man or princes,
My trust I place in God alone.

I shall not die, but live, declaring
The works of God, Who tried me sore,
And chastened me; but in His mercy
Not unto death has giv’n me o’er.
The gates of righteousness set open,
The gate of God! I’ll enter in
To praise Thee, Lord, Who prayer hast answered,
And savèdst me from all my sin.

The stone O Lord, it is Thy doing
The stone the builders did despise,
Is made the headstone of the corner,
And it is marv’lous in our eyes.
This is the day, of days most glorious,
The Lord has made; we’ll joy and sing.
Send now prosperity, we pray Thee;
And, O our God, salvation bring!