Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1166

First Line: We want the young for Jesus ,

We want the young for Jesus ;
Now in their youthful days,
Oh, may they seek the Saviour,
And early sing His praise.

O Lord, in life's bright morning,
To Thee our hearts we bring ;
Our praises Thou wilt welcome,
When from the heart we sing.

2 We want the young for Jesus;
On earth, when He was near,
With gentle, sweet affection
He drew the children near.

3 And still He waits to bless them
With fond and yearning love :
Kind Shepherd, He would lead them
Safe to the fold above.

4 We want the young for Jesus :
Be this our blest employ;
No mission could be nobler,
Or fraught with sweeter joy.

5 For e'en the tiniest jewel
Shall shine in Jesus' crown,
And sparkle there for ever
When time itself has flown.