Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.181

First Line: Watch, earnestly watch, the Lord's approach is nearing,

Watch, earnestly watch, the Lord's approach is nearing ;
Pray, fervently pray, no man can know the hour ;
Like as a thief at night is His appearing ;
He cometh to judge the world in truth and power.

Watch ye, pray ye, soldiers of the Lord ;
Work ye, wait ye, trusting in His word ;
Keep His commandments ? and His law obey,
And He will reward you in the last great day.

2Work, joyfully work, all ye who know
His chastening;
Wait, patiently wait, for your reward is nigh;
Lift up your heads, the day of rest is hastening ;
Rest, glorious rest, with Jesus by and by.

3 Trust, loyally trust, and as to Him
thou'rt clinging,
Keep, faithfully keep the Saviour's
blest commands ;
Then in thy heart the blest assurance
Know surely thy name is written in His hands.