Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.147

First Line: The Lord of glory ! who is He ,

The Lord of glory ! who is He ?
Who is the King of glory ?
Only the Son of God can be
The Christ, the King of glory :
Consider all His wounds, and see
How Jesus' death upon the tree
Proclaims Him King of glory.

2 Above all heavens, at God's right hand,
Now sits the King of glory;
The angels by His favour stand
Before the throne of glory:
Swiftly they fly at His command,
To guard His own of every land.
To keep the heirs of glory.

3 Death and the grave confess the Lamb
To be the King of glory;
The powers of darkness dread His name,
All creatures show His glory:
He said, Ere Abraham was I AM—
Jesus is evermore the same,
Th' Almighty King of glory.

4 Thrice happy who in Him believe,
They soon will share His glory;
Born of His Spirit, they receive
His secret pledge of glory :
Taught by His cross, for sin they grieve;
He calls them brethren, and they cleave
To Him, their hope of glory,