Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.37

First Line: Sitting by the wayside, sinful

weak,Sitting by the wayside, sinful, weak,
and blind,
Waiting in my darkness for the day,
O Thou Saviour,Jesus, merciful and kind,
Hear me now, and take my sins away !

No one knows my sorrow, no one cares for me--
Waiting in the darkness for the day ;
Hear a sinner pleading, pleading, Lord, with Thee--
Jesus, come and take my sins away!

2 Long in darkness waiting, weary, sad, and lone,
How I long Thy glorious face to see!
O Thou blessed Jesus, make me al!
Thine own ;
Speak the word, and Thou canst set me free !

3 Weary with my blindness, waiting all
the day, [pain ;
Weary with my sorrow and my
O Thou Son of David, pass me not,
I pray :
Leave me not in hopeless night again!

4 Sitting by the wayside,sinful, weak,
and blind,
Is there any hope for one like me ?
Something seems to whisper in my darkened mind,
Christ has power to set the sinner free