Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.960

First Line: Sitting by the gateway of a palace fair,

Sitting by the gateway of a palace fair,
Once a child of God was left to die ;
By the world neglected, wealth would nothing share :
See the change awaiting there on high.

Carried by the angels to the land of rest,
Music sweetly sounding through the skies ;
Welcomed by the Saviour to the heavenly feast,
Gathered with the loved in Paradise.

2 What shall be the ending of this life of care ?
Oft the question cometh to us all ;
Here upon the pathway hard the burdens bear,
And the burning tears of sorrow fall.

3 Follower of Jesus, scanty though thy store,
Treasures, precious treasures, wait on high ;
Count the trials joyful, soon they'll all be o'er :
Oh, the change that's coming by and by !

4 Upward then, and onward ! — onward for the Lord!
Time and talent all in His employ ;
Small may seem the service — sure the great reward:
Here the cross — but there the crown of joy !