Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1159

First Line: Saviour, where Thou leadest,

Saviour, where Thou leadest,
We will follow Thee ;
Where Thy lambs Thou feedest,
We will follow Thee ;
By Thy loving smile attended,
By Thy gentle hand defended,
Till this mortal life is ended,
We will follow Thee.

2 In life's early morning
We will follow Thee ;
We have heard Thy warning —
We will follow Thee;
If our feet seem sometimes weary,
And the way seems long and dreary,
Thou wilt speak, and we shall hear Thee,
And will follow Thee.

3 In our days of gladness
We will follow Thee ;
In our times of sadness
We will follow Thee ;
Thou wilt give us, without measure,
Richest blessings, truest pleasure,
And in heaven, a priceless treasure,
We will follow Thee.