Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.165

First Line: Our lamps are trimmed and burning,

Our lamps are trimmed and burning,
Our robes are white and clean,
We've tarried for the Bridegroom,
Oh, may we enter in ?
We know we've nothing worthy
That we can call our own:
The light, the oil, the robes we wear,
All come from Him alone.

Behold, the Bridegroom cometh
And all may enter in,
Whose lamps are trimmed and burning;,!
Whose robes are white and clean.

2 Go forth, go forth to meet Him !
The way is open now,
All lighted with the glory
That's streaming from His brow
Accept the invitation,
Beyond deserving kind;
Make no delay, but take your lamps,
And joy eternal find.
We see the marriage splendour
Within the open door;
We know that those who enter
Are blest for evermore.
We see He is more lovely
Than all the sons of men,
But still we know the door, once shut,
Will never ope again.