Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.122

First Line: Oh, who is this that cometh,

Oh, who is this that cometh
From Edom's crimson plain,
With wounded side, with garments dyed ?
Oh, tell me now Thy name,
I that saw thy soul's distress,
A ransom gave;
I that speak in righteousness,
Mighty to save !

Mighty to save ! ..
Mighty to save ! . .
Lord, I'll trust Thy wondrous love,
Mighty to save !

2 Oh, why is Thine apparel
So very deeply dyed ?—
Like them that tread the wine-press red ?
Oh, why this crimson tide ?
I the wine-press trod alone,
'Neath darkening skies;
Of the people there was none
Mighty to save!

3 O bleeding Lamb, my Saviour,
How couldst Thou bear this shame?
With mercy fraught, Thine arm hath
Salvation in Thy name !
I the victory have won,
Conquered the grave:
Now the year of joy has come—
Mighty to save!