Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.120

First Line: Oh, what am I, that I should be,

Oh, what am I, that I should be
The object of God's wondrous grace ?
That He should send His Son to me,
That I might see Him face to face ?

It was for me, . . it was for me, . .
For me He left His throne above;
His grace, His goodness all for me, ..
For me the ocean of His love.

2 That He should give His Son for me,
A sacrifice of love Divine—
Of love as boundless as the sea,
That I might call the Saviour mine?

3 Oh, wondrous love, that He should leave
His throne, and come to earth for me !
Should give His life my soul to save,
The ransom pay that sets me free.

4 A life of service, death of shame,
Ensample true for all, for me—
Oh, shall I not adore His name,
Through time and through eternity.