Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.130

First Line: March on, march on ! sing joyfully,

March on, march on ! sing joyfully,
While the world, into hie awaking, [Day,
Hails the bright, bright ray of the glad Easter
O'er the hills in beauty breaking !

March on, while in praise every heart we raise
To Him, our King all-glorious,
For He lives on high no more to die,
And shall reign o'er the earth victorious !
March on, march on ! Etc.

2 March on, and proclaim our Re-deemer's name,
Who rent the grave asunder,
And the angel eyes that saw Him rise,
How they gazed on the scene with wonder !
March on, march on ! Etc.

3 March on, and rejoice with a tuneful voice,
Ring out a grateful chorus;
To His courts away, oh, haste to-day,
Where the Saviour has gone before US !
March on, march on I etc.