Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.36

First Line: I will sing the love of Jesus

I will sing the love of Jesus--
Greater love was never known ;
Yielding up His life for sinners,
Oh, what love to me was shown !
I will praise... my great Redeemer, . . .
As my days ... are on the wing ;
I will sing ...of Him who saves me, .
I will magnify the Lord my King.

2 I will sing the words of Jesus--
Words of life from lips Divine ;
Full of comfort,joy,and courage,
Precious to this soul of mine.

3 I will sing the grace of Jesus--
Grace my heart may now receive;
He by faith will seal my pardon,
If His promise I believe.

4 I will sing the name of Jesus--
Name of all most dear to me ;
By the ransomed host in glory
Shall His name exalted be.