Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1194

First Line: I have heard of a home far away above the skies,

I have heard of a home far away above the skies,
Where the good and true may happy be;
I have looked through the stars, and I've
watched through lonely hours,
And I've wondered if there's room
there for me ?
Yes, there's room for you and for me,
And there's room for the whole world
beside ;

The wonderful love of the Lord reaches all ;
It gently calls us now to His side.
Room for you and me,
And there's room for all ;
Listen I listen ! Hear His earnest call :
Whosoever will may come, . . .
Come, ye that are weary,
And are heavy laden : [for all.
Listen, He's calling thee, there's room

2 But they say that the righteous shall
scarcely enter there;
How, then, shall a sinner like me ?
I am far, far away from the gentle me ?
Shepherd's care ;
Oh, I wonder if He'll make room for
Yes, there's room, the call is for thee,
'Tis a grand invitation, full and free;
There's room for us all, if we list to His
Yes, He's willing to make room there for thee.