Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.192

First Line: Holy Spirit, lead us now ,

Holy Spirit, lead us now
Boldly to the throne of grace ;
While our heads in prayer we bow,
Let Thy presence fill this place :
Holy Spirit, Heavenly Guide,
Lead us to the Crucified !

2 This is now our time of need,
This is now the day of grace ;
Now our souls with manna feed
Ere we leave this sacred place :
Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove,
Lead us to the feast of love !

3 At the blessed mercy-seat
Peace and joy are freely given ;
While we wait at Jesus' feet,
Make this place the gate of heaven :
Holy Spirit, Heavenly Friend,
Now upon our hearts descend !

4 Weak and sinful though we be,
Jesus' blood can cleanse from sin ;
At the fountain full and free
Wash and make us pure within :
Holy Spirit, Cleansing fire,
Burn up every base desire !