Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.95

First Line: He hath spoken, Be still, the Rebuker of seas

He hath spoken, Be still, the Rebuker of seas
The command was for me, and my heart is at ease ;
He hath hushed into silence the waves
and the winds, [my sins.
By applying His blood and removing
He's the Prince of Peacemakers, all glory to God,

To redeem me, and cleanse me, He shed His own blood ;
My adoption is sealed, I'm a child of the King,
And for ever and ever of Jesus I'll sing.

2 He hath quickened my soul by a life
from above ; [is love,
It was done by the Spirit, its essence
He hath pardoned and washed me as white as the snow,
And my heart with His love does this moment overflow.

3 He's a wonderful Jesus, this Saviour of mine ;
He's the great Son of God — a Redeemer Divine ;
He's my Strength and my Wisdom,
my Life and my Lord,
And enthroned in my heart to be loved and adored.

4 I will love Him, and serve Him from now till I die ;
For His love fills my heart, and His beauty my eye,
He's the fairest and dearest of all to my soul,
And our lives shall be one, while eternities roll.