Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1157

First Line: Hark ! hark ! the song from youthful,

Hark ! hark ! the song from youthful voices breaking,
Fresh from the heart its tuneful numbers flow ;
How sweet the song of happy children marching,
Praising the Saviour as they onward go !

Hark ! hark ! the song of holy adoration.
Glory to Jesus, our Eternal King ;
Praise ye His name, exalt Him in the highest ;
Now, and for ever, shall the anthem ring.

2 Hark ! hark ! the song, the grand old story telling ;
Oh, how it swells and echoes far away !
Life, love, and joy, through Him who hath redeemed us,
Freely are offered in His name to-day.

3 Sing, children, sing ! the song you now are waking,
Long, long ago on Judah's plain began ;
When from the sky was heard the idnight chorus,
Peace from our Father, and goodwill to men.

4 Sing, children, sing, till — forward still advancing —
Rank after rank the royal standard wave !
Sing, gladly sing, the wonders of His greatness !
Jesus, the mighty One, the Strong to save !