Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.971

First Line: Far, far beyond the storms that gather,

Far, far beyond the storms that gather
Dark o'er our way,
There shines the light of joy eternal
Bright in the realms of day.

There shall sorrow, pain, and parting,
Grieve our hearts no more ;
Soon, soon we'll meet beyond the river.
Safe on the Home-land shore.

2 Far, far beyond the rolling billows
Faith spreads her wings ;
Love tells us of the golden City,
Hope of its glory sings.

3 Far, far beyond the vale and shadow
Loved ones have passed ;
We'll meet them in the many mansions,
All gathered home at last.

4 O blessed morn of joy unbounded !
O glorious day !
There every tear of grief and anguish
Jesus shall wipe away.