Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.136

First Line: Enthroned is Jesus now,

Enthroned is Jesus now
Upon His heavenly seat;
The kingly crown is on His brow,
The saints are at His feet.

There . . . with the glorified,
Safe ... by our Saviour's side,
We shall be satisfied by-and-by I
By- - - and-by 1 . . by- - - and-by
We shall be satisfied by-and-by I

2 In shining white they stand,
A great and countless throng;
A palmy sceptre in each hand,
On every lip a song.

3 They sing the Lamb of God,
Once slain on earth for them;
The Lamb through whose atoning blood
Each wears his diadem.

4 Thy grace, O Holy Ghost,
Thy blessed help supply,
That we may join that radiant host,
Triumphant in the sky !