Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1163

First Line: Early seeking, early finding,

Early seeking, early finding,
Ever happy, happy we ;
Looking up in life's sweet morning.
Coming, coming now to Thee,
We begin our children's days,
Lord of Glory, with Thy praise.

2 Early asking, early getting,
Ever happy, happy we ;
We would ever, blessed Jesus,
Love and follow, follow Thee :
In Thy presence there is joy,
In Thy service blest employ.

3 Early knocking, early opening,
Ever happy, happy we;
By the holy gate we enter,
Lord, to dwell, to dwell with Thee;
In the city of the blest,
In the home of heavenly rest.

4 Early loving, early trusting,
Ever happy, happy we ;
Mounting upward, pressing onward,
Closer, closer drawn to Thee;
Earthlyjoys we leave behind,
All in Thee, O Christ, to find