Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.54

First Line: Come, sing the sweet song of the ages —

Come, sing the sweet song of the
ages —
The song of Immanuel sing !
There comes through the portals eternal
An anthem of praise to the King !
Then loud let our carols of gladness
Re-echo the song of the skies ;
Once more to the tidings of glory
The earth in its fulness replies.

2 Foretold by the word of the prophets ;
Decreed by the wisdom of God ;
We hail the fulfilment of mercy,
We praise our Redeemer and Lord.

3 The centuries sing of His coming ;
The nations His wonders proclaim ;
And ever increasing in glory,
We sing of His wonderful name.
4 The song that is sweetest and noblest
We sing to the Lord we adore ;
And crown Him who comes to
redeem us —
Immanuel, King evermore !