Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.52

First Line: Come near me, O my Saviour

Come near me, O my Saviour !
Thy tenderness reveal ;
Oh, let me know the sympathy
Which Thou for me dost feel !
need Thee every moment ;
Thine absence brings dismay ;
But when the tempter hurls his darts,
'Twere death with Thee away !

2 Come near me, my Redeemer,
And never leave my side !
My bark, when tossed on trouble's sea
The storm cannot outride,
Unless Thy word of power quell ;
Arrest the surging wave,
No voice but Thine its rage can
No arm but Thine can save !

3 Come near me, blessed Jesus !
I need Thee in my joy.
No less than when the direst ills
My happiness destroy;
For when the sun shines o'er me,
And flowers strew my way,
Without Thy wise and guiding hand,
More easily I stray.

4 Be near me, mighty Saviour,
When comes the latest strife!
For Thou hast through death's
shadows passed,
And ope'd the gates of life;
And when among the ransomed
I stand with crown and palm,
To Thee, Divine,unfailing Friend,
I'll raise th' eternal psalm !