Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.83

First Line: Blessed Redeemer, full of compassion

Blessed Redeemer, full of compassion,
Great is Thy mercy, boundless and free; [favour,
Now in my weakness, seeking Thy favour,
Lord, I am coming closer to Thee.
Blessed Redeemer, wonderful Saviour,
Fountain of wisdom, Ancient of days,
Hope of the faithful,Light of all ages,
Jesus, my Saviour,Thee will I praise.

2 Blessed Redeemer, Thou art my Refuge,
Under Thy watch-care safe I shall be;
Gladly adoring, joyfully trusting,
Still I am coming closer to Thee.

3 Blessed Redeemer, gracious and tender,
Now and for ever dwell Thou in me ;
Thou, my Protector, Shield, and Defender,
Draw me and keep me closer to Thee.