Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.954

First Line: Beyond the stars that brightly gleam,

Beyond the stars that brightly gleam
Beyond life's short and shadowed stream,
There is a land of fadeless bloom,
And flowers of rich and rare perfume :
Perfect peace we there shall know,
Like the river's endless flow.

Beyond the stars . . sweet peace we'll know,.
Calm as the crys - - tal river's flow : . .
Where rolls the sea . . of perfect love, . .
Beyond the stars . . that gleam above.

2 Beyond the stars no storm will beat,
No thorns will pierce our weary feet,
No sad good-byes we e'er shall say,
And see fond faces glide away :
Forms that here we seek in vain,
There we'll clasp their hands again.

3 Beyond the stars no toils or tears,
No sombre skies or gloomy fears ;
For He who trod life's weary way
Shall wipe all sorrow's tears away :
Endless joys shall then be mine,
When I see His face divine.