Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.262

First Line: An open Bible for the world,

An open Bible for the world----
May this our glorious motto be !
On every breeze its flag unfurled
Shall scatter blessings rich and free.

Blest Word of God ! . . . send forth thy light . . ,
O'er every land and every sea, . . .
Till all who wander in the night . . .
Are led to God and heaven by thee.

2 Where'er it goes its golden light,
Streaming as from an unveiled sun,
Shall dissipate the clouds of night,
Undo the work that sin has done.

3 It shows to men the Father's face,
All-radiant with forgiving love ;
And to the lost of Adam's race
Proclaims sweet mercy from above.

4 It offers rest to weary hearts ;
It comforts those who sit in tears ;
To all who faint, it strength imparts,
And gilds with hope th' eternal years.