Melodies of Praise Lyrics
Hymn No.151

First Line: He cometh,

Jesus is coming! go, herald the tidings
Far over the land and the sea;
Jesus is coming to gather the ransomed,
Redeemed by His death on the tree.
Angels attending, the heavens descending—
All language our joy will transcend,
When we shall see Him, the king in His beauty,
Our bridegroom, Redeemer, and friend.

Jesus is coming, our Savior and lover divine;
Soon in His glory the ransomed of ages will shine;
Ages on ages we’ll reign with our king on His throne;
Wonderful story! We’ll share in His glory,
Redeemed by His mercy divine.

Lift up your heads and rejoice, O ye righteous,
Your perfect redemption is nigh;
Swiftly the darkness of midnight approaches,
He cometh shall sound from the sky.
Long has the battle been waged against evil
By suffering saints here below.
Jesus is coming to banish our sorrow,
And lead us where tears never flow. [Refrain]

Come, dear Lord Jesus, Thy promise fulfilling;
Come quickly! our souls cry to Thee:
Long has the world been enthralled by the tempter,
The curse is on land and on sea.
Yet Thou shalt triumph, the nations subduing,
The truth of the Word cannot fail;
God’s wondrous glory, like ocean’s deep billows,
To earth’s farthest bounds shall prevail. [Refrain]