Melodies of Praise Lyrics
Hymn No.51

First Line: Hark! I hear a sound from o’er the water,

Hark! I hear a sound from o’er the water,
’Tis the cry of anguish and despair;
’Tis the cry of precious souls in darkness,
While waiting for the light of Jesus, there;
Hear the idle laborers near us saying,
Master what wilt Thou have me to do?
The harvest now is great, oh! haste, my brother,
The reapers few.

Who will go? Who will go?
To the ends of the earth,
Hast thou a passion for the lost?
Dost thou realize what a soul is worth?
Who will go? Who will go?
Tell of Jesus’ death upon the tree?
Oh! who will answer quickly,
Here am I, O Lord, send me?

Will you go and tell them of a Savior?
Tell them how He suffered on the tree?
Will you give your very life to save them?
And tell them Jesus came to set them free?
Will you take the way, endure the suffering?
Finding in the cross your only rest?
For suffering here with Jesus brings the glory,
His ways are best. [Refrain]

We will follow, we will follow Jesus,
Willingly and gladly we’ll obey,
He will never leave us nor forsake us,
He is our Friend, our Comforter and Stay.
Though He lead us o’er the briny ocean,
Though He lead us o’er the sandy plain,
We still will trust in Jesus Christ our Savior,
Oh! praise His name. [Refrain]

After we’ve received the Spirit’s fullness,
Filling all our hearts with love divine,
We’re to witness to the blessèd Gospel,
In every nation, country, land and clime,
When we give the Gospel as a witness
Unto every people far and near,
With lightning flash, we’ll see in clouds of glory
The King appear. [Refrain]