Melodies of Praise Lyrics
Hymn No.16

First Line: Bring your vessels not a few,

Are you looking for the fullness
of the blessing of the lord
In your heart and life today?
Claim the promise of your Father,
come according to His word,
in the blessed old time way.

He will fill your heart today to overflowing,
As the Lord commandeth you,
\Bring your vessels, not a few;\
He will fill your heart today to overflowing
With the Holy Ghost and pow'r.

Bring your empty earthen vessels,
clean thro' Jesus' precious blood,
Come, ye needy, one and all;
And in human consecration
wait before the throne of God,
'Till the Holy Ghost shall fall. (Chorus)

Like the cruse of oil unfailing
is His grace forevermore,
And His love unchanging still;
And according to His promise
with the Holy Ghost and pow'r,
He will ev'ry vessel fill. (Chorus)