Christmas Carol Lyrics
Hymn No.24

First Line: Leave, shepherds, leave your peaceful flocks agrazing!

Leave, shepherds, leave your peaceful flocks agrazing!
No longer grieve, but come, O come away!
Come and adore, your tears all changed to praising;
Of Him the heav’nly King, O sing, O sing
Your Savior born this happy day.

There, lowly laid, within a manger narrow,
A lovely maid and Infant thou shalt see!
His tender love hath sought thee in thy sorrow
Thy darkness to remove! He came, to prove
A loving Shepherd’s care for thee!

Kings from the east! His star will guide thee truly!
Where He doth rest, in love and faith draw near:
Our rising Sun receives thy homage duly!
O bring to Him, each one Each one! Each one!
Your incense and your gold and myrrh!

Who canst do all things surely, hearts enshrine
Thine ardors sweet and fair! For peace is his
For peace is His that through Thee liveth purely!
And added unto this, all joy, and bliss
Since God hath sent His Savior here!