Baptism Hymn Lyrics
Hymn No.29

First Line: O Father, Thou Who hast created all,

O Father, Thou Who hast created all
In wisest love, we pray,
Look on this babe, who at Thy gracious call
Is entering on life's way;
Bend o'er him in Thy tenderness,
Thine image on his soul impress;
O Father, hear!

O Son of God, Who diedst for us, behold,
We bring our child to Thee;
Thou tender Shepherd, take him to Thy fold,
Thine own for aye to be;
Defend him through this earthly strife,
And lead him on the path of life,
O Son of God!

O Holy Ghost, Who broodest o'er the wave,
Descend upon this child;
Give him undying life, his spirit lave
With waters undefiled;
Grant him, while yet a babe, to be
A child of God, a home for Thee,
O Holy Ghost!

O Triune God, what Thou command'st is done;
We speak, but Thine the might;
This child hath scarce yet seen our earthly sun,
Yet pour on him Thy light,
In faith and hope, in joy and love,
Thou Sun of all below, above,
O Triune God!