Ascension Hymns Lyrics
Hymn No.12

First Line: Praise him as he mounts the skies, Alleluia

Praise him as he mounts the skies, Alleluia!
Christ, the Lord of Paradise! Alleluia!
Cry hosanna in the height, Alleluia!
As he rises out of sight! Alleluia!

Now at last he takes his throne, Alleluia!
From all ages his alone! Alleluia!
With his praise creation rings: Alleluia!
Lord of lords and King of kings! Alleluia!

Hands and feet and side reveal, Alleluia!
Wounds of love, high priesthood’s seal! Alleluia! Advocate, for us he pleads; Alleluia!
Heavenly Priest, he intercedes! Alleluia!

Christians, raise your eyes above! Alleluia!
He will come again in love, Alleluia!
On that great and wondrous day, Alleluia!
When this world will pass away! Alleluia!

At his word new heavens and earth, Alleluia!
Will in glory spring to birth! Alleluia!
Joy of angels, joy of men, Alleluia!
Come, Lord Jesus, come again! Alleluia!