Ascension Hymns Lyrics
Hymn No.1

First Line: Hail, festal day! to endless ages known

Hail, festal day! to endless ages known,
when God ascended to his starry throne.

Now with Lord, of new and heavenly birth,
his gifts return to grace the springing earth. Refrain

Now glows the year, with painted flowers' array,
and warmer light unbars the gates of day. Refrain

Now Christ, from gloomy hell, comes triumphing,
and field and grove with flower and leafage spring. Refrain

The reign of death o'erthrown, he mounts on high,
sent forth with joyous praise from sea and sky. Refrain

Loose now the captives, loose the prison door,
the fallen, from the deep, to light restore. Refrain

A countless people from death's fetters free,
own thee Redeemer, join and follow thee. Refrain

Creator and Redeemer! Christ our Light!
The One-begotten of the Father's might. Refrain

Co-equal, co-eternal, thou to whom
the kingdom of the world decreed shall come. Refrain

Thou, looking on our race in darkness laid,
to rescue man, true man thyself waste made. Refrain